Mosquitoes are carriers for some of humanity’s most deadly diseases and they hold the notorious title of public enemy number one not only in Singapore but across the globe as well.


What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are insects belonging to the order Diptera, the True Flies. Like all True Flies, they have two wings, but unlike other flies, mosquito wings have scales. Female mosquitoes’ mouthparts form a long piercing-sucking proboscis. Males differ from females by having feathery antennae and mouthparts not suitable for piercing skin. A mosquito’s principal food is nectar or similar sugar source.

There are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes, but the members of three bear primary responsibility for the spread of human diseases.

  • Aedes mosquitoes – live in close association with man. They can breed anywhere in the domestic environment. The female mosquito feed both indoors and outdoors during the early mornings and in the early evenings. They also prefer to rest indoors in secluded and in dark places.
  • Culex mosquitoes – They are predominant in the urban environment. Breeding outdoors in polluted water which is rich in organic matter.
  • Anopheles mosquitoes – Also known as the malaria mosquitoes, can breed in many places from coastal waters to inland clear water from the streams.

In Singapore, we are no strangers to these common diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and Malaria. It is critical for all of us to do our part to arrest the high mosquito population in the community and break the disease transmission.

Typical Signs You Have Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites can put a damper on your time in both outdoor and indoor. Get ahead of a mosquito infestation by checking for these signs that mosquitoes may be taking up residence in your premises.


Mosquito eggs grow and thrive in water, so be sure to keep an eye out for these areas where mosquitoes might be breeding. Common areas mosquitoes thrive in include, but are not limited to, dog bowls, toys that hold water, or even puddled areas. The areas that are capable of holding water for more than a week are the area which most likely to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It’s important to keep these areas clean and free of stagnant water and also the edge of slow moving water too.


Mosquitoes bite are the most obvious evidence of intrusion and breeding nearby, ranging from mildly irritating to intensely inflamed with swelling.


Humid weather might make for beautiful green landscapes, but it can also be a mosquito’s paradise. Because mosquitoes are cold-blooded, they need the heat and humidity to regulate their internal body temperature. Therefore, the likelihood of having a mosquito problem is much greater in humid regions like Singapore.


Just like other winged insects, mosquitos make a high-pitched buzzing noise as they move rapidly move their wings. However, the buzzing noise that a mosquito typically makes is much more high-pitched than that of other insects.

Solutions To Mosquitoes

Nothing takes the fun out of an evening like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. You can keep mosquito population under control by limiting their habitat on your property.

  • Having mosquito netting/screen installed on windows by sealing off potential points of entry to prevent mosquito from entering the premises.
  • Remove stagnant water from rain gutters, old tyres, buckets, plastic covers, toys, or any other container where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Change or empty water in vases, pot bases and water containers at least once a week to destroy potential mosquito habitats.

Larviciding is the regular application of microbial or chemical insecticides to water bodies or water containers. The aim of larviciding is to reduce the adult population of mosquitoes by killing the aquatic immature forms, so that fewer will develop into adults.


A conventional way for mosquito control which can easily be identified through visibility and smell when it’s is being carried out. Thermal fogging uses an oil-based chemical mixed with diesel to produce the thick white smoke, this is very effective in killing large mosquito population in the immediate vicinity during the treatment time.

Water-based fogging is recommended due to its properties that are effective, environmental friendly and safe. It does not produce carbon emission and releases minimal rate of smoke, diminishing foggy environment for improved visibility, safety and health.


Misting applies the insecticide, by covering a large surface area, using a highly efficient motor blower with strong pressure. It’s a superior treatment method developed to leave a long residual and rapid knockdown effect. It is colourless, odourless, do not stain and has low acute mammalian toxicity. Once the chemical dries it binds with the surface and remains effective for up to 2 weeks outdoors and 1 month indoor (depending on environmental conditions). Mosquitoes that lands on the treated surface picks up the chemical and dies off.


Mosquito traps are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and very effective tool to fight mosquitoes in a local area. It dispersed a scent around the trap in a plume that closely resembles the one produced by a human; which is especially attractive to Aedes mosquitoes and Culex mosquitoes. These adult mosquitoes will be trapped and eventually get dehydrated and die, breaking the breeding life-cycle.


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