Food & Beverage

PESTSHIELD offers a variety of solutions for your food & beverage outlet. Our Technicians listen to your pest control needs and incorporates them in our integrated pest control management plan.


Pest Control for F&B Operation

Food industry pest control is absolutely vital if you’re running a food related business. Unless you maintain proper hygiene, there’s a good chance that your customers could become ill. This may result in fines, loss of business and reputation, or even the closure of your business.

Our pest specialist will start with a thorough inspection of your F&B premises to understand the pest situation. We will then work with you to build the best pest control plan specifically for your F&B outlet.

In addition to general pest control, your program might include:


Fly Infestation Control – We have a range of insect light traps to cater different business needs and requirements. All of them use a unique technology to hygienically and effectively capture flying insects. Unlike conventional Electric Fly Killers with high voltage killing grids that simply zap flying insects and leave a litter of insect fragments and contaminated spores, the units we use are safe and hygienic because it uses UV light technology to attract insects and then traps them on a hidden glue board.

Also the range we use is completely silent in operation – getting rid of flying insects discreetly. All our units work against all sizes of flying insect, and are quickly and easily serviced by our pest specialist – saving your business time, money and trouble.


Let Us Be Your Shield Against Pest