Commercial & Industrial

PESTSHIELD provides integrated pest management for many different commercial businesses varying from Hotels, Retail, Schools, Food & Beverages and many other industrial properties.


Commercial Pest Control

Being embarrassed and shocked about an infestation of pests is one thing. But when it comes to your reputation – and your livelihood – the pressure to get rid of them becomes even more urgent. If this has happened to you, remain calm, and remember that it can happen to any business. Whether you prepare food, handle goods, or serve the community, we are on hand to help.

When it comes to commercial pest control, our immediate priority would be focused towards the fast and effective removal of pests to mitigate the threat to your premises, reputation and livelihood. And once the immediate issue has been addressed, we will work with you to implement effective pest proofing measures that prevent pests from coming back. PESTSHIELD has your best interest at heart and will partner with you to ensure that your premises are adequately protected for the foreseeable future.

Our services are uniquely tailored to deal with a range of pests in many different commercial environments. We tackle things that crawl, like bed bugs, fleas and ants. We deal with rodents, including rats and mice. Pests that fly, including mosquitoes, flies, wasps and bees are all things we can sort out for you. We have the equipment and knowledge right here to take care of them. As well as dealing with the immediate problem, we also identify how and why it has occurred.


Let Us Be Your Shield Against Pest