About Us

At PESTSHIELD, we focus on customer-centric service.
Our goal is to deliver ‘BIG COMPANY’ professionalism and quality
With the ethos of a small, friendly, local service provider who can offer budget-friendly service to solve or manage your pest problems.



We believe effective pest control begins with excellent customer service delivered by a dedicated team of trained professionals. Our team believe in continuous training and development with the aim of becoming one of the best in the business.

Adopting both latest and conventional pest control techniques and technology. We utilize environmentally friendly pesticides that helps to control, prevent and eliminate both household and structural pests to achieve our green way of working, together with our Exclusion, Restriction and Extermination methodology.

Whether you have a problem with mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, bedbugs or bees, we have a solution for every situation. Need a speedy, effective and discreet pest control or pest management service, look no further. PESTSHIELD is here to protect you!”

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – Building trust by always doing things the “right way”.
CUSTOMER-CENTRIC – Demonstrate our appreciation to customers through our commitment.
INNOVATION – Embrace opportunities to learn and improve.
TEAMWORK – Work hand in hand to turn our goals into accomplishments.
ACCOUNTABILITY – Individually responsible for our results.
CHARITY – Giving back and contributing to our communities.
At PESTSHIELD, we believe that doing things the right way not only benefits our customers, but also our team, our families, and the world in which we live.